A musical education can be just as important as an academic one:

  • Learning a musical instrument requires logical and mathematical thinking while allowing for creative interpretation and self-expression.
  • The improved self-discipline, focus, attention, and goal-setting skills naturally express themselves in other areas of a musician’s life.
  • Musical performance cultivates confidence and boosts self-esteem.

While the violin is a beautiful instrument, it can be intimidating when first learning to play. Using her personal experience and student feedback and progress makes lessons efficient, fun, and manageable. She abides by the following principles:

  • Development of a strong foundation for the student – meaning proper technique and sound quality are cultivated from the start.
  • Explanation of the “why”s behind instructions.
  • Exposure to a broad musical curriculum that includes rhythm, aural training, musical phrasing, and theory as to foster a deeper musical understanding and appreciation.
  • A flexible teaching approach that embraces different learning styles.
  • Encouragement and critique that are aimed at promoting intrinsic, rather than extrinsic, motivation.
  • Provision of a practical, attainable, and efficient practice schedule that is sustainable long term.
  • Instruction on HOW to practice, not just WHAT to practice.

Mallory’s goal is to share her love and passion for the violin, instill a beautiful and confident playing style, and ultimately, to cultivate the ability to demand excellence of oneself through the development of a well-trained ear and strong work ethic. You do not need talent to play the violin, but rather desire, perseverance, and determination.

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